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Sor Consuelo

Writings, phrases

1. What a joy it is to give oneself to Jesus for ever!

2. To give the Lord one's youth! Unwanted old age and wrinkles? Just so. I wish to be a saint and a youthful saint. I shall not adjust to walking at a slow pace; I must make haste on the way of perfection... If I cannot offer up my life for Him who gave it to me, why should I desire it further?


3. I desire to be consumed with love. Nothing else: either I become a saint or I die...


4. My desire is (if Jesus wills it so) to take the slow path of love and sacrifice in total simplicity and spiritual joy.


5. I want to be holy not for my own glory but for that of the Lord. May my whole life be a constant canticle of love and gratitude... a continual holocaust for the salvation of souls and other needs of the Church.



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