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Sisters testimony actual


Lord Jesus:

Today, I want to remember before you and to give testimony of my encounter with you.  Many are wondering how is it possible that young people leaves everything to join a monastery of contemplative community. Today I want to offer my personal testimony as a tiny light before your infinite light.

I liked to study and wished to find a position to be someone in life. I worked hard and I worried about so many things...  Life offered me many possibilities and it is better to get well prepared, and to choose to be prosperous. Meanwhile, I was moving away from you, and getting more and more lost. It was necessary to have a good time but deep within me, I was looking for a happiness that did not come.


At the end of the parties, after the laughter and brief joy, what was always left is emptiness … is happiness not possible in this life?  But I still did not understand that my heart would be filled only with your presence, that only you are able to give fullness in life. But, you (good and faithful) is always at my side, you followed me. Until that afternoon, you came across with me and everything changed, in that cold month of January, everything gains new life. There, from your crib, weak and helpless babe, offering your poverty, your littleness, your humbleness... It was just a single look from you... -you said to me  “if you wanted…!”


My heart searched, it tried to discover, and was interrogated in so many things... It asked, what do you my Lord? Continues speaking, do not stop! But only those brief words "if you wanted…!" were enough and a look, a single look that had captivated me and yet without still knowing what I was getting involve, but I was moved by that force, you know that I said to you: Yes, whatever you want! It was like signing in a blank.  I hardly understand anything.  Yes, Lord, Yes, whatever you want. I trust in you and I trust in your word. Yes, yes to everything… was my affirmative answer to you…

Then, you smoothly showed to me that monastery. Immediately my desires for studies, my future plans came to my mind and also my first illusion of being a missionary.  But, Lord, if I was determined, if I have given up everything, if I wanted to extend your kingdom so that others can know you... Yes, you told me, you will be a missionary at a distance. It no longer matter what I did.  To follow you is a matter of giving oneself, of giving up everything, who is the truth, the light, the love and the life. Everything is for you, Lord.  I put into your hands my twenty years.


All my life is yours. I no longer have any other illusion than you. Your personal being captivates me. And from here, from my enclosure, I try to be a missionary, keeping the flame on, to inflame the world, so that everybody might have life. I consumed myself in silence keeping the fire burning so that others might preach and illuminate. Like the grain of wheat that falls in the furrow and dies in order to give much fruit, like you from the cross, you love, forgive, and give up your life for everybody, like from the tabernacle, from your Eucharistic presence hidden under the species that gives life. Thus, behind the grilles and walls, as a captive of love, my life is consume in silence: For those that does not know you, for those that ignore and forget you, for those that will never know that this way of life does exist, for those who suffer hunger and cold, for the poor and sick people, for those who suffer cruel and unjust war... for all, Lord, I offered you my life.


I have nothing else to give you I am already yours. Lord, today I show to you this testimony in case it is worthy to you, my tiny light before your infinite light.  I thank you for everything…    for all your boundless love. I beg you, for the young people, who longs for you, who search for you and who fight with so much yearning to give meaning to their lives. Come like a pilgrim, talk….look ... attract with your force, continue calling and offering: by our nothiness, your infinite fullness, for our few days, an eternity without measure. Gives happiness, peace and love to so many young people who are tired of the world, everything leaves them empty, and that it makes them  suffer of everything, because they do not find what their heart are longing for.   Lord Jesus, today, we pray to you, with strength, with courage:  Call us, look on us, and give us your life!

 M.L. Minim Nun



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