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Daughter house Philippines

History of the Foundation in Philippines


The community of the Minim Nuns in Daimiel was talking about a plan of foundation…is it the will of God?

With these ideas as the central topic, the document “Vita consecrata” comes out and Pope John Paul II exhorts to bring the charisma to other cultures.

It was the year 1998. The Community has it clear: it is necessary to go for a foundation, but where? The Synod of the Asian Bishops was celebrated at that time, which is continued with interest in the Roman Observer (Osservatore Romano)


The Church speaks:

“Asia for the Evangelization is the continent for the third millennium just like America has been for the second millennium.” It is necessary to open up to this continent even with new foundations of contemplative life.


The community impelled by the Spirit decided to go to Philippines to see if such a foundation is possible over there. With the strength of the Lord, the great sacrifice of losing once more young members of the community, because just five years ago six young nuns had left for a foundation in Paola, south of Italy, the homeland of the Founder.


In September 1999 three nuns went to Lipa, Batangas part of Luzon where they were welcomed and helped by the Missionary Sisters of the Catechism (of Italian foundation). They stayed with them for five months, getting to know the new culture.


They have been greatly welcomed by the Bishop, the priests and religious people, as well as by the faithful in general who somehow capture the grace of having a community of contemplative life among them. The Filipinos are very religious, cheerful, simple and welcoming people who share the little things they have with great generosity.


They finally decided to rent a house in order to start the foundation. And the Spirit also raises among the Filipinos the attractiveness for the minim’s charism, and young women begin to be interested.


The convent and the church are already constructed, whoever wishes to pray and take part in the Eucharist with us can be well accommodated.


The new convent is called Monastery of Saint Francis of Paola.



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